Alesia & Friends - Crushing Day Complete (Close-up)

Runtime: 92:54
Language: German
Models: Alesia
Categories: Clothes Destruction / BurningCrushingShoe Fetish


  • Description
Three of Alesia's fans jointly organised a big crush party for her with plenty of material. Due to the endless number of toys (26 medium & large size rc cars, 23 model train waggons, 13 inflatable beach balls, 2 big trucks and 3 guitars), Alesia decided to also invite her best friends Daniela and Verena over to join the fun. Since Dani and Verena have never performed any crushing before, they are very excited and eager to try it out; hence can't await to get started!
The girls incite each other more and more and also urge each other to destroy all the toys to bits and pieces (can you hear the cracking sound when plastic breaks, electrical cables snap off, copper windings in the motors are crushed, inflatables are popped and ripped?). An excessive crush party develops whilst the girls have the blast of their life! Lots of laughing and hot crush talk, don't miss it!

Part 1: Alesia joyfully crushes 2 rc cars with her pumps to teach her friends Dani and Verena the ropes of crushing. During the action, her heels get stuck several times.

Part 2: Alesia, Daniela and Verena decide to destroy 13 inflatable beach balls in many different ways. They inflate some of the balls with their mouth before the real action starts. The girls pop the balls with their heels and pumps, burn and make holes with cigarettes and scissors, sit on them and crush them under their butts. They even jump on the balls and rip them completely into a thausand shreds.

Part 3: The three brats play with some remote controlled toy cars. As they get bored very soon, they begin to kick the cars around and step on them with their pumps and plateau sneakers. Dani even decides to jump on one car with her full weight to test the quality of the toy. Her heels just drill through the bursting plastic.
As the girls get more and more excited, Verena asks permission to destroy the car logos. "Yes pleeeeease!", Dani exclaims and the girls continue with their sexy hot crush action. They also rip the electrical wiring and break some larger plastic parts with their hands.
In the end, the brats take a broom and sweep all the debris on one pile, so they can jump on it again and compress the trash even more. So naughty!

Part 4: Now it is time for some barefoot crushing. The girls decide to take a large remote controlled racing car in scale 1:6 and walk over it barefoot several times to test its stability. They also step jointly on the racer to see if it can take their weight.
Since the car still doesn't show any sign of damage, the brats now decide to put on their pumps as they are eager to drill some holes into the car body and demolish the car completely. The girls kick the car very hard with their pumps (when one of Verena's heels gets stuck in the car body), they sit on it and even jump on it to ensure, that it gets pulverized as much as possible.
Ohhh...poor you! But maybe you can still rebuild this car or is it already beyond repair?

Part 5: Alesia, Dani and Verena decide to continue their crush party with 4 police cars by applying their full weight on them. The crush bitches, just wearing socks and no shoes, take a wooden board and place it on top of the police cars. One after another steps on the board (starting with the lightest girl) to test if the cars can withstand the weight.
Eventually all three girls step jointly on the board, applying their full weight on the poor cars. Alesia, Dani and Verena enjoy the cracking plastic sound under their feet before obliterating the cars completely with their Buffalo Classic boots and Fila Disruptor sneakers.

Part 6: Under the watchful eyes of Alesia, Daniela and Verena now decide to have some fun butt crushing 2 police trucks. They want to find out who's car is more stable; hence perform some single and double ass crush action on both cars whilst applying their full weight. Daniela even throws herself backwards on one of the cars as she can’t get enough of this fun.
The 2 brats continue with different ideas to obliterate the cars completely. They seesaw and balance on the toy cars, crush and jump on them with their Fila Disruptor sneakers and even tear the plastic remains with their hands.

Part 7: Alesia, Daniela and Verena are eager to play with a large remote controlled racing car; unfortunately, the batteries are missing. Since the girls still want to have some fun, they change the game plan and decide to destroy the car instead. They put the stability of the car to the test by sitting and standing on it, yet even the full weight of the 3 girls doesn’t do any harm.
Finally some jumps and hard kicks do the job as the car breaks in two. The girls don’t stop until they have pulverized everything under the soles of their Fila Disruptor sneakers.

Part 8: Now the time for the grand finale has come. Alesia, Daniela and Verena don’t want to spare any of the remaining items (12 medium & large size rc cars, 23 model train waggons, 2 big Bruder trucks, 1 guitar and several remote controls), so everything will be destroyed just for some additional fun. The girls begin the crush action with socks before continuing with their Fila Disruptor sneakers. Finally, they put on their high heels and pumps to pulverize all remaining items. The girls also rip some of the cars apart with their hands or throw them on the ground...they even kick and jump on the toys so hard, that their shoes suffer severe damage as some of the heels crack. Only a massive pile of trash is left in the end.

This is the close-up version of the video!
(We do recommend the close-up version over the wide angle version)