Anastasija 89 - More Cars & Food Part 3/9

Runtime: 7:50
Language: English
Models: Anastasija
Categories: Crushing


  • Description
Anastasija does it once more. A fan requested her again to obliterate plenty of toy cars and guitars with different types of shoes in a catwalk challenge. This time, no less than 31 cars and 2 guitars await their unavoidable fate of being crushed under the feet of this cruel goddess.
As if this wasn’t enough already, Anastasija rounds the scene off with a major food crush event. So stay tuned until the very end!

Part 3: And the next couple of cars have to go. Let’s see how long they can last under the heels of my black pumps. Knowing, that many children in the world have no toys to play with makes it even more exciting for me to wreck those cars.
Let me know which shoes I shall wear for the next clip!