Roxy 4 - Pulverizing Brother’s Car Collection (Wide Angle)

Runtime: 16:11
Language: English
Models: Roxy
Categories: Crushing


  • Description
A fan sent me a bunch of model cars and a Bruder truck to be destroyed under the soles of my high heels and overknee boots. I am excited to destroy these prestigious cars just for my amusement, ramming the heels of my pumps right into the car bodies.
In order to pulverize the cars completely, I later put on my sexy pvc boots (which actually match very well with my leather outfit) and smash the cars with a sledge hammer. It’s so satisfying seeing the debris flying around everywhere.
Then the time for the large toy truck has come. I decide to crush the truck with my boots first before I use the sledge hammer once again to obliterate the toy completely. Crushing things gives me so much pleasure, so I hope you guys will send me more items soon to have fun with!

This is the wide angle version of the video!