The Crushing Bonanza (Part 3/4)

Runtime: 4:55
Language: English
Models: Molly
Categories: Crushing


  • Description
The Crushing Bonanza: Starring mother Leesa, her real life daughter Molly and princess Papsey; the three girls have a blast to trample, stomp and crush over 25 toy cars, 2 guitars and a keyboard - worth several thousand €. This is quite a hefty workout for the girls, so you can only imagine how sweaty their pretty feet are afterwards. Hence they force two slaves to worship their stinky feet in the end.

Part 3: The cruel ladies don’t even hesitate to spare the instrument collection. They smash the guitars on the ground several times before jumping and stomping them completely flat. The keyboard awaits a similar fate as it crumbles into a thousand pieces under the sneakers.
Don’t miss the girls happy faces and mean gestures, once everything is destroyed!