The Revenge - Part 2/2

Runtime: 50:00
Language: German
  • Description
Lisa and her friends are just about to leave her fiance's house, when they discover a large food buffet in the backyard. Obviously, her fiance wanted to surprise his new lover with a large cake and fruit buffet as well as several gifts.

Lisa is completely desperate but her friends show her how to deal with this situation. The girls open the gifts and find several pairs of stockings and socks, which they put on immediately.

Then Summer decides to use the long buffet table as her catwalk, while Lisa and the other girls watch her destroy the cakes and fruits with her feet. They even lick the delicious cake from Summer's shoes, before Summer performs another catwalk over the buffet just in socks and nylons.

Now all the girls want to try this fun and one by one performs a catwalk over the buffet table. Only a big mess is left in the end.

Last but not least, the girls also decide to ruin their already damaged Buffalo boots by cutting and burning them.

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