Tiana & Char - Messy Kitchen Fun (Close-up)

Runtime: 17:54
Language: English
Models: TianaChar
Categories: Clothes Destruction / BurningCrushingShoe FetishWet & Messy


  • Description
Char just bought a new pair of overknee plateau boots the other day, however finds one of the zippers already broken. As she still wants to make use of the shoes and let her anger out, she invited her best friend Tiana over for some food crush fun. The girls have a blast crushing oranges, bananas, apples and limes under the heels of their clear plateau boots and stiletto pumps.
The girls decide, that they wanna take the next step and get really messy now. Char ruins Tiana’s patent leather pumps by pouring pudding into them, so the cream spills out of her shoes as Tiana puts her pumps back on. Later Tiana floods Char’s pvc boots with even more pudding and plenty of milk before cutting and tearing her boots to shreds.
Char’s white socks don’t stay clean for long, since Tiana throws some muffins on the floor for the girls to crush with their sneaker socks and nylon clad feet. Char takes revenge by ripping Tiana’s pantyhose and covering her feet in chocolate cream, before Tiana cuts Char’s socks off to lick her bare feet.

Watch these little pigs, having plenty of fun ruining each other’s outfits and creating a total mess in the kitchen!
This is the close-up version of the video!