Desiree 1 - Model Cars are made for Crushing (English subtitles)

Runtime: 14:22
Language: German
Models: Desiree
Categories: Crushing


  • Description
Desiree and her best friend Madeleine (filming this scene) come across a bunch of larger but rare model cars. Whilst Desiree is unsure what to do with these expensive models, Madeleine has an idea and demands Desiree to carefully walk over the 3 cars with her socks. The cars seem quite sturdy so Madeleine requests Desiree to even apply her full weight.
Nearly instantly, the police car starts to show some signs of damage and Desiree is about to quit the action to spare the cars. Madeleine however encourages Desiree to continue as she wants to see the entire fleet being obliterated under Desiree’s feet.
More and more damage occurs to the dusty car collection and as Desiree’s socks get quite dirty, Madeleine demands her to put on her Nike Air Max sneakers before giving her detailed instructions on how to completely obliterate each of the cars. Desiree’s initial hesitation is completely gone by now and she has a blast to follow Madeleine’s different crush ideas (e.g. stomping the cars harder and harder). Madeleine is filming the entire action close to Desiree's feet to ensure that nothing is spared.

Enjoy this hot crush action with continuous chitchat between Desiree and Madeleine (English subtitles)! This video is Desiree’s first-ever crush experience!