Juliette 4 - Crushing large Toy Car & Instruments

Runtime: 18:10
Language: German
Models: Juliette
Categories: Clothes Destruction / BurningCrushing


  • Description
A fan sent Juliette a bunch of brand new items to crush – a large RC Hummer SUV, an acoustic guitar as well as a keyboard.
In the beginning she carefully walks over the items wearing white sneakers socks before putting on a pair of new black patent leather sneakers. Juliette is determined to destroy the car and the instruments properly, hence also doesn’t hesitate applying her full weight. Sooner or later, everything just crumbles to dust under her merciless feet.
After this little workout, Juliette decides to take a rest and relax her feet. She takes her shoes off, puts them on the trash pile, sets them on fire and watches them burn.