Santa Claus - Nikolaus - Weihnachtsmann 123 (0059n)

Runtime: 8:30
Language: German
Models: Lovely
Categories: CrushingShoe Fetish


  • Description
A lovely woman wears Converse Chucks in green , then in blue, and later in red.
She walks over chocolate Santas and crushes them with fun.

Eine hübsche junge Frau trägt Converse Chucks in grün, dann in blau und später in rot.
Sie geht über Schokaloden Männer und zertritt sie mit Spaß.

supplementary note:
This clip is in full HD.
Dear Lovely is older than 18 years and loves crushing.
She does everything voluntarily and with lot of fun.
She shows herself in her clips in excellent video quality with close view, medium view and full body view.
Only her face is not recognizable in anonymous clips for distribution in the internet.
She loves to do custom movies and is happy to show her face in full movies at