Anastasija 88 - The Crush Feast Part 9/9

Runtime: 11:27
Language: English
Models: Anastasija
Categories: Clothes Destruction / BurningCrushing


  • Description
Crush bitch Anastasija received a large box with 13 toy cars and 2 guitars from a fan. The request: Crush the items with several pairs of shoes, wearing nylons.
Of course, Anastasija accepts the challenge so let’s see the results.

Part 9: The next victim for my new shiny black pumps is another guitar. I walk over the guitar to see if it can withstand my weight before drilling my thin heels deep into the guitar body. The sound of the breaking wood is music to my ears, so I don’t stop the action until the guitar is crushed to small pieces.
My nylon feet also got really sweaty from today’s crush challenge, hence I rip my stockings in the end to let my bare feet breathe.